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A Final Farewell

My life has been eventful to say the least. In the afterlife you have a lot of time to reflect on your life and although I try to avoid it, my past always seems to crawl back into my mind. Over the years of being the King’s mistress, I had quite a lot of time to ponder my decision to becoming a mistress. The biggest thing on my mind right.. Read More

The Pressures of My Life

May 15, 1790 Every day I wake up at 9am to the lovely smell of hot chocolate. Zamor, my young African servant, walks in wearing an extravagant outfit I pick out for him every day. I give him nice clothes not only because I like to flaunt my belongings, but because I feel a bit bad for him. He didn’t ask to be a servant. It was an incredibly hard.. Read More

Parodies on my Character??

For this assignment, Mr. J asked us to find article, pamphlet , picture, etc. from the french rev that is related to your character. When I arrived to the page I just searched for my character’s name: Madame du Barry. I didn’t think this would work but there was actually an entire pamphlet on my character’s relationship with the king! I was very excited because it would gain me a.. Read More

Almost the End :(

Hey this is just a quick update on my progress for In-Depth so far! Since I am in the final stages of my project, I am stressing out a little but so far it has been such a fun ride! My meetings with Claire have been going great! We have been developing the skills I have learned from past meetings and I have been working on my singing a lot… Read More

Finding New Job Opportunities!

April 17, 1763 Over the past few months I haven’t been writing in my journal much, but a lot has happened in that time. After getting sent away from my old job with Madame de La Garde, I have been on the look for some ways to earn money. I can’t believe she dismissed me from that job! It’s not my fault her two sons were enticed by my youth.. Read More


MEMES. That is what were told to do one fine afternoon in the TALONS class. Mr. Jackson told us that we had to create memes that included things about the American Revolution and current events. I was actually super excited because our homework was literally to look at memes and then make a couple for ourselves. I decided to have a theme throughout all of my memes. I was really.. Read More

In-Depth: Much Improvement!

Over the past few weeks, I have made a bit of improvement on my In-Depth! I re-recorded Beauty and the Beast, recorded a new song, and recorded a song with Hira and Jordan. Although, it’s been pretty crazy, I have really put in a lot of effort over these few weeks. Again, I know I am late but my life is suuuuper crazy right now but I’m trying to get.. Read More

Why Kesha’s Case is so Important

“Don’t worry NO ONE will ever shut me up,” -Kesha Sebert Before this blog post we were given the task to research an event happening in our world that is worth discussing. As a class, we have been discussing about this mainly on the TALONS forum where we can share our thoughts and feelings in an organised manner. When we were given the task I didn’t know where to start… Read More

In-Depth: My First Song

MY FIRST SONG IS UP!!!!!!!!! (Not really but it’s done) Since my last blog post I have been working really hard on my first song. In my last post I said that it was going to be Toxic by Britney Spears as sung by Melanie Martinez. I said that I just needed the guitar track from Kody so I could record it. I got the guitar track and I recorded.. Read More

In-Depth: Learning Some Singing Techniques!

Yes. I know I’m very late with this post but I still have a lot to tell you. Since my last blog post, I have met with Claire twice and I have worked on some great techniques and I started my first official song which you will hear next week! In my first meeting, Claire and I worked on some or the techniques I can use to work on my.. Read More